Trainings and Workshops for Educators

Integrating my vocation as a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher into my profession in the world of inquiry-based education, is a natural fit. My approach in schools targets three aspects; direct training and service to teachers, building curriculum resources, and direct-service to students. My primary interest is to inspire teachers and administrators to develop a Mindfulness practice of their own and support them with the tools necessary in order to investigate their inner lives. As John Kabat-Zinn says, “Mindfulness in the classroom functions best when teachers themselves are using their own lives as a laboratory.”

Mindfulness: Personal Practice to Pedagogy

“An education without educating the heart, is no education at all”. (Aristotle)

This experiential-based workshop is an introductory inquiry into the practice of mindfulness, and what it means to develop a mindful presence.  Participants will be equipped with an understanding and skillset to develop a personal practice; with an ultimate goal of sharing a heightened capacity for presence, openness and alertness with students in classrooms and school communities at large.  Practicing mindfulness, teaching mindfully, and teaching it to our students is a segue to educating the heart.

S.I.T Mindfulness Training 

This is a 12-hour training for teachers and administrators delivered over the duration of 6 weeks. The S.I.T course is a certified, and internationally recognized training by the Mindfulness Training Institute. This course is delivered in partnership with Laila Dajani, a long-time fellow practitioner and friend.

“Elissa was very knowledgeable about the topic she was presenting. She brought a sense of peace and inner tranquility that is very much needed in this fast paced life.”


“Elissa is very knowledgeable. Her passion for mindfulness is evident and she shares her vision effectively and in a very accessible manner. She also respected privacy and how each one of us was on a personal journey. Elissa has a warm and personable presence. She embodies the traits of a mindful educator and modelled good practice throughout the workshop.”