Episode 1. Learning how to breathe as a baby breathes – relaxed and full, then marrying simple movements for the spine with a bigger breath and conscious: this is Yoga.

Start Centered: Practices to Embody Presence

Designed with simplicity, accessibility, and potency in mind, these short sessions share methods and practices from Wisdom Traditions that cultivate an embodied presence.

Episode 2. Revisiting 3-Part-Breathing to relax the system, then linking simple repetitive movements with breathing to warm the body before steadiness in strength with Warrior One pose.
Episode 3. Starting supine to connect with breathing and sensation, and to come into the present moment. Enjoying some shapes like Chair Pose to ground and warm the body before exploring balance through Tree Pose.
Episode 4. Wide Kneed Child’s Pose to begin where we can connect to sensation with a soft touch and revisit 3-Part-Breathing to send signals to the body to relax. Next, continuing to open the hips gently and connect movement with breathing through modified Sun Salutations before exploring Warrior 2.
Episode 5. Inviting Yin in – starting in Butterfly, a static steady stretch to target the Yin tissues in the body and welcome in quietude and stillness before taking our seat in meditation, practicing the method, Mindfulness of Breathing.
Episode 6. Touching into the First Foundation of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of The Body, then shifting to warming the body through repetitive movements readying it for Sun Salutations including low lunges. Then encouraging stillness back in through Butterfly pose in a Yin way, inviting contemplation.
Episode 7.
Beginning by remembering our 3-Part-Breathing to relax the system, then warming the body through a slowed Sun Salutation before standing strong in Warrior One Pose and side stretching in a lateral bend, finishing in reclined Butterfly.
Episode 8.
Starting from standing tall and steady, connecting to breathing as we flow through a sun salutation before balancing, finding our center. Ending in reclined butterfly, softening inwardly and drinking in well-wishes for ourselves.

Episode 9.
Opening the side body through some gentle warm up movements and a strong standing pose, before building strength in forearm plank and a low-to-the-ground backbend, sphinx pose.
Episode 10.
A long and luxurious laying twist to nourish inner organs set the stage for a meditation session focusing on the method; Mindfulness of Breathing.

Episode 11.
A focus on the inner groins and hips to move any stagnation from this area of the body; aiding digestion and a feeling of being grounded in the body.
Episode 12.
Grounding through sensation and breathing in wide kneed child’s pose, then moving into some gentle warm ups for the spine line. Flowing through one sun salutation, ending in a mindful reclined butterfly.
Episode 13.
A practice done exclusively laying down! Gentle stretches to begin, then lingering in longer held shapes to open the hips. Creating strength and heat through abdominal work then opening the front body in a gentle back bend. Closing with a treasured poem.
Episode 14. Fortifying mental stability by using the breath as an anchor to ground attention in the present moment. A foundational practice to cultivate awareness.
Episode 15. Receive Generosity
Based on Dr. Rick Hanson’s work, this meditation draws our attention to the many gifts we are given in ordinary moments, each day. Recognizing and appreciating these gifts, receiving them in the spirit of generosity, cultivates gratitude, which is essential for resilience and wellbeing.