I first came to Yoga at the tender age of 20 to relive anxieties and help me make sense of an unpredictable world. Two decades later, and I am still seeking and practicing, albeit with a little more insight, and inner freedom.

I began teaching Yoga in 2006 and fortuitously crossed paths with my principle teachers, Sarah and Ty Powers in 2010 and became an inaugural student at the Insight Yoga Institute in California, which they co-founded. Since then, I have studied with world renowned teachers and  immersed myself in the rich tapestry of Eastern Wisdom Traditions, Spiritual Psychology, and Yoga; the synthesis of which compose, Insight Yoga. I continue to be mentored by Sarah and Ty and have had the privilege of assisting Sarah at her trainings and workshops, around the globe.

I teach in the style of Insight Yoga to enliven and integrate the body, heart, and mind. This practice is characterised by a active (yang) slowed alignment-based flow, and receptive (yin) shapes, underpinned by a warm-hearted awareness to cultivate Mindfulness and Metta, or loving-kindness.

Informally, life has taught me much and continues to do so. I have lived and taught in Canada, England, China, and now the United Arab Emirates. The friends I’ve met, the connections made, risks taken and sights seen, have left me forever changed. I am also eternally grateful to get to share this journey with my husband Richard, and our spirited daughter, Abbey.

It is my aspiration to continue to seek and teach practices of awakening, inspiring others, so that we all may know full intimacy with life. Bodhi Swaha.