Where to Begin? Again, I Suppose…

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Abbey and Elis, Al Ain, UAE, 2014

Abbey and Elis, Al Ain, UAE, 2014

Dear friends,

I wrote the following post almost a month ago but have just posted now. I trust it is divine timing, and that my words and thoughts will help as needed wherever they find you today.


It has been some time since my original post. In that time, as many of you know, we’ve sorted through, organized, downsized (squeezed all our belongings in just seven suitcases, perhaps a future post about that), said our farewells, and packed up a life in Canada to move to Abu Dhabi. Moving is not new for us, nor is Abu Dhabi, but I was unprepared for the situation I found myself in; physically, emotionally, mentally.


Eight weeks on now and I am beginning to feel a level of comfort. It’s been the hardest eight weeks of my life. A series of circumstances and conditions beyond my control coalesced to make it so. I don’t know how I would’ve coped were it not for the practices I use to ground, soften, open, and be with myself (and available to others) when times are tough…and to stay in it when I want to run. This forbearance and fortitude that’s been cultivated throughout the years of my practice life has been my inner compass these last few weeks when everything else has been shaken and become unrecognizable.


So, I am beginning – again. And as I’ve suggested to students many times whilst teaching Yoga, I am living with a “beginner’s mind”, or a “don’t know mind”. Letting go of expectations, and being willing to be completely open, which takes a great deal of courage. I’ve held on tightly to my faith in karmic consequences; that if I notice and feel moments of happiness and gratitude, that more will come. And, voila! They are!


When I looked back at my initial post “Awakened Practices for Everyday Living” I smiled to see that I had mentioned the first ever spiritual book I’d picked up and read way back when…”The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet” because this is the very same book I have been reading, again, since we have arrived here in the Middle East. How serendipitous!


It’s main Toaist message is this; things are as they are. And what I am _really_ taking to heart and putting it into practice, is that it is up to us to decide and choose how we meet them.


Onwards with faith and trust.





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